Mirror fence

Mirror fence (2003) by Alyson Shotz (b. 1964), installation at the Storm King Art Center, New Windsor, NY. 

The fence is an almost invisible space divider that encloses nothing and could be a metaphor for many different things. The artist says: “I’m interested in making objects that change infinitely, depending on their surroundings. The light at different times of day, the weather…what the viewers are wearing, all these are just some of the variables that will make the piece different every time one comes in contact with it. For me an ideal work of art is one that is ultimately unknowable in some way.”       

I don’t see myself ever living outside of a city ever again, but if that day comes. I’m getting mirrored picket fences 



tham & videgard hansson arkitekts | colorful apartment at humlegarden, stockholm

tham & videgard hansson arkitekts first starting point was to reestablish the well crafted quality of the once high-class turn of the century apartment (late jugend / art nouveau 1800/1900) that had been totally altered, and even for some time transformed into a hotel, leaving very few traces of the original.
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